Sunday, January 14, 2007

Daytime Comet with clouds, the brightest to appear in 41 years. Perihelion passage, just 7° from sun.
Originally uploaded by edhiker ( Ed Johnson )
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I like this best out of the nine posted.
Comet McNaught ( C/2006 P1 ) taken on 1/12/07 by Ed Johnson (edhiker)

Daytime Comet McNaught. The comet was visible during daytime hours for several days around 1/12/07, the day of it's closest approach to the sun.

3D orbit visualization

Sky and Telescope selected shots (has Ed Johnson's image)

Comet pictures, selected by edhiker (from ) Sun, Green Flash, and Comet perspective

Siding Spring Observatory - about the discovery and extensive discussion
The real Rob McNaught

Links C/2006 P1 (McNaught)--Daily Ephemeris Google search results


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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Daytime Comet, the brightest to appear in our skies in more than 30 years, seen at NOON on 1/12/07 at it's closest approch to the sun.
Originally uploaded by edhiker.

The daytime photos were taken with a Canon DSLR attached to a 8" f7 telescope.

It was at perihelion about the time this photo was taken (around 19:00 UT on January 12th)


Daytime Comet with clouds, the brightest to appear in our skies in more than 30 years. Perihelion passage, just 7° from sun

Going through my shots of 1/12/07, I found the one in the entry above with clouds - adds some perspective. Taken midday in the city of Los Angeles, Canon DSLR, 1400mm. Home ground optics.

It was fun watching the clouds passing comet McNaught, too bad I didn't have a video camera running for this event. A time-lapse after sunset series (movie) from a local 6800' mountain (darker skies) would have been neat.

I can't ever recall seeing a comet surrounded by wispy afternoon clouds, let alone from Los Angeles California
This picture is on page 91 of April Sky &Telescope
Half size image, 640x478 on about page 10 at: