Thursday, February 22, 2007

New star in the sky - Nova Scorpii 2007 - click on picture

New star in the sky - Nova Scorpii 2007
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Nova Scorpii 2007 peaked at magnitude 3.8 on February 16th. Captured from Tujunga on Feb 21, 2007 when it was at magnitude 4.9 (below red mark). Five second exposure @ f6 , ISO 800 using 135mm lens, fixed tripod. The bright star is Epsilon Scorpii. Sky above Los Angeles not the best, naked eye limiting mag about 4. Best viewed at 1024 x 683

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Rebate problems, rejection, and refused - stories to learn from

My Hewlett-Packard rebate refused because of poor copy of instructions

I just had an $80 HP rebate refused because the store (Office Depot) gave me 12 loose sheets for four rebates on a laptop system - two of them had in bold letters "mail before 1/30/07", the other two, had "45 days" buried in the other 12 sheets, in weak gray color - missed those (of course).

The rebate mail-in submission form given to me at the store was 8 1/2 X 11, single sided and had no "must be mailed within..." statement.

First call on 2/2/07... From Mr P at HP: "All HP rebates are 45 days, the store should have told you. ... nothing I can do..".

Second call on 2/6/07 - I carefully explained about the incorrect, single sided rebate form given to me at Office-Depot. Ms B at HP Rebate center made an exception and I will get the rebate.

I call this a scam, HP is aware that retail stores often make photo copies of rebate forms. The submission form given to me was a single-sided 8 1/2 X 11 with lots information, even a "must be bought by date" , but the HP "must be received within 45 days" requirement is not on it.

All about rebate pitfalls on my detailed page called "HP Rebate Scam" at:

Most important: Tell Senator Figueroa: *** Amend SB_1737, add "mail before" and "must be bought by date"items on face of all rebate forms.

The bottom line for now is to carefully check "mail before" and "must be bought by date" before leaving the store.