Friday, March 16, 2007

Two Computers, using one keyboard - I find it much easier to use only my detached desktop keyboard (and mouse, and copy/paste) for the laptop also. Synergy allows this.... but the latest version has a problem with Win98. The fix was time consuming to find. Here it is


Date: 2007-03-16 09:21
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Keyboard Typing Yields Double Characters --

THANK YOU patrick123 for posting "I did not have this problem with Synergy

I now have a working system using Win 98se server and either Win XP or Win
98se clients after installing Synergy 1.2.7.

If the Win98 bug is fixed, someone let me know at

Ed Johnson (on the web, Edhiker)

Date: 2007-03-15 22:31
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I am having the same issue. Client is xp and server is 98se


Date: 2006-10-11 14:22
Sender: patrick123
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Same problem with synergy 1.3.1 :
- server on Win98
- client on Win XP

I did not have this problem with Synergy 1.2.7

Date: 2006-09-25 19:46
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I have the same problem if I use the 98 as server and XP as
client. The problem goes away when I use XP as server and
98 as client. Not sure sure why and not my preferred set
up so a true fix would be nice.

Monday, March 05, 2007

My letter to K-Mozart, which was the best radio station in Los Angeles ( ) 105.1
I found 105.1 playing country music, so now I find a 128Kbps stream on the net.

Sorry, 128Kbps is NOT "high-performance digital".
Have grave doubts about "HD2 Multicasting"

Sincerely, your long term K-Mozart listner,

Ed Johnson (RF engineer, edhiker on the net)
More about this inferior broadcast system can be found at:
...The FM system digital audio is 98.4kbps.
More background,

"HD" in HD radio doesn't stand for the same thing as HD in HDTV. It's "Hybrid Digital"

The Frauenhofer Institute ran tests with listening panels in 1998-1999 as they were bringing out MP4 AAC coding. They determined that only when one had reached 320kbits transfer rate could their listening panel not tell the difference between the AAC stream and a cd (16 bit).

Now Apple Computer falsely lists their default 128 kbits iTunes coding rate as equivelent to "cd quality." Read the Frauenhofer paper! ( still at

A local station here has started touting their new HD radio
broadcasting. Not sure what that means except in my car their signal now fades 10-15 miles closer than it used to.

My note:
control + shift + a = Link