Friday, June 08, 2007

Computer musical chair nightmare

PCI Express x4, x16, x1, and x16 slots, as well as a standard 32-bit PCI slot

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I upgraded my computer a bit, but it took (as usual) longer than I expected when the above design obsolescence stuff was tossed at me. How about "Out of Memory" Error Messages with Large Amounts of RAM Installed -

Uploaded by edhiker on 8 Jun 07, 7.21AM PDT.

PCI slots are such an integral part of a computer's architecture that most people take them for granted. - not any more

Smaller PCIe cards will fit into larger PCIe slots. The computer simply ignores the extra connections. For example, a x4 card can plug into a x16 slot. A x16 card, however, would be too big for a x4 slot.

I can now reboot between two operating systems with the flip of a switch, have two monitors running, and plug in five hard drives (but can use only three at once).