Friday, March 21, 2008

Rebate Scam at Frys ~ "Two weeks" in small print, way down the form

Rebate Scam at Frys ~ "Two weeks" in small print, way down the form
California rebate law
22735. A company that offers a consumer rebate shall allow a
minimum of 30 days from the date the consumer purchases the product,
or becomes eligible for the rebate pursuant to subdivision (b) of
Section 22736, for the consumer to submit the rebate request.
22736. A company shall mail the rebate check or transmit the
rebate funds to the consumer or fulfill the terms of the rebate offer
within the same number of days provided to the consumer to submit
the rebate request pursuant to Section 22735, but in no event later
than 60 days from either of the following events as applicable:
(a) Upon receipt of a consumer rebate request meeting the terms
and conditions of the rebate offer, to the extent permitted by this
chapter and as disclosed at the time of purchase.
This also nullifies Frys 30 day return policy, as the UPC code has to be removed in about two weeks. No phone number, even after asked for.My email to them:
Invoice Date: 11/23/07
> Invoice No.: 15266982
> Promotion Code:
> Tracking No.: NONE
> I sent this in a timely manner with several others (have received those).
> You say that it was postmarked late. What is the post mark date that you
> recorded? What is your phone number?
Rebate was refused and no phone number was given.
Original (with the fine print ) was required to be sent.