Friday, December 26, 2008

Star Tracking Camera Mount
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Star Tracking Camera Mount, an astrotracker telescope mount used astrophotography

I'm happy with this astro tracking camera mount. Viewfinder use and tilt framing is easy. See previous photos for components ( ).

This astrotracker will be used for wide field astrophotography. Two screws allow installation of original Newtonian telescope linked below.

Teflon bearing drive using clock motor was homemade about 40 years ago, still works good. Originally used for 6" F3.8 scope also seen at

Click on photo for other related photos showing how and why this was made. (Flickr URL

Friday, December 12, 2008

Moonset, Friday Morning 12/12/08 - Largest full moon in 15 years today

A full moon, closer and larger than it has been in 15 years will occur Friday evening.

Moon is setting below storm clouds in Los Angeles, snow is due.

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Got out of bed 1 minute before this was taken, an unplanned photo! No time for a tripod.

The moon is also further up in the sky than the summer sun (82ยบ high tonight). The combination of height and size is most likely once in a lifetime. Be sure to take a look around midnight.

Sometimes the moon is not our friend, the peak of the Geminids, is predicted to occur late Saturday and early Sunday, Dec. 13-14. Bright moonlight will flood the sky.

IMG_5064_Moonset_Rain_Due - camera hand held

Moonset, Friday Morning 12/12/08 - Largest full moon in 15 years today

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