Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gigabyte Computer Motherboard is great, see links

I believe in standards. For computers, they're at: .

Why do I make my own? You can buy a computer that works as well for not much more.
All the name brands are proprietary (non-standard) design. Just wait till a repair or upgrade needs to be done!
More at

Above picture Documents its looks after mounting in case, before it was populated.
Added next , an Intel i5 650 CPU, might be an overclocking beast.... ... easily managed to reach 4.6GHz
Easily will take seven hard drives (SATA and PATA (ATA-1, 2, 3, IDE 133)), and 12

intel i7 960 quad @3.2GHz currently costs $589.99.
intel i5 650 dual @3.2GHz currently costs $189.99. (hyper-threaded, Intel claims up to a 30% performance improvement) Four logical processors.


More overclock at:,702446/Intel-Core-i3-and-Core...

Troubled by the size of Win 7, 16GB for 32bit, and 20GB for 64 bit. What ever happened to "MinWin"
New find, List of Lists:
All the Details of many versions of both MBR and OS Boot Records
"IMPORTANT: One of the first things that any PC user should do after setting up a new hard disk (or creating a new partition with a utility such as Partition Magic) is to make a copy of its MBR" ... from

ps - just found an instructional site about changing a motherboard, so BAD that it has only 5% chance of working!

I find that Flickr makes a good place to keep notes, so the latest stuff is there ( ) ...and the links are automatically hot.