Friday, April 30, 2010

Gigabyte Computer Motherboard works great, see set and links

My advice about getting a new computer.
Two monitors
Backup method in mind - removable drives
Logbook of installed programs
Do a benchmark, enables one to verify performance later.
As soon as you get it working, make an image of system.
I believe in standards. For computers, they're at: .

Why do I make my own? You can buy a computer that works as well for not much more.
All the name brands are proprietary (non-standard) design. Just wait till a repair or upgrade needs to be done!
More at

Above picture documents its looks after mounting in case, before it was populated.
Added next , an Intel i5 650 CPU, might be an overclocking beast.... ... easily managed to reach 4.6GHz
Easily will take seven hard drives (SATA and PATA (ATA-1, 2, 3, IDE 133)), and 12

intel i7 960 quad @3.2GHz currently costs $589.99.
intel i5 650 dual @3.2GHz currently costs $189.99. (hyper-threaded, Intel claims up to a 30% performance improvement) Has four logical processors.


Blog at: has important note about Hard Drives.

Troubled by the size of Win 7, 16GB for 32bit, and 20GB for 64 bit. What ever happened to "MinWin"

Need more power? Intel's Core i7-980X Extreme Edition has six cores, base speed of 3.33GHz, processor has 12 threads

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Apple iPod and iTunes things -

Do not ever connect the iPod to iTunes if it is set to auto sync and your iTunes library is empty or some of the songs are not in your iTunes library but are only stored on the iPod because it will erase the iPod's contents.

Never delete music from the PC that is not burned to a disk unless you keep your iPod on manually manage songs and playlists. When you download iTMS songs burn them to a disk the same day. 2005
Windows XP, then it is in My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music
found > 3GB in Elaine's old HD

Monday, April 26, 2010


This is absurd! - I had an iPod with a dead battery. A nightmare.

Tried to charge it using USB port on my girlfriend's computer and my music was deleted.... with error an message.
Search - charge ipod on another computer - 18M hits - READ THEM !

Your computer must be turned on to charge your iPod - not sleep or hibernation.
If your computer is shut down, the lid is closed or it goes into sleep or hibernation mode, the iPod will not charge.
The car must be running in order for the iPod to be charging,
"yes, this is the way to do it, but it's also far to easy to do it the other way. i've erased the music off my iPod enough times to know that iTunes loves to erase. it might even be a badly worded dialogue box, i don't recall. i do know that it should be a lot harder to erase an iPod. "

The first step in transferring music (from iPod to computer) is to purchase a software program that will allow you to do so. .. or under $20.

use the "EJECT" button in iTunes to eject the device, but leave it plugged into the computer.

... just want to make sure I understood correctly, the adapter has not changed going from 4G to 5G and as long as it says that it can accept 110-220 V its fine?

Prevent your iPod from syncing by choosing not to sync if prompted by iTunes.

... my ipod will say that it is charging but when it asks for my password ..... This morning I tried it on another computer, same problem,

you are just borrowing a few electrons to charge the battery, that's it. So far no problem, at least for what you want to do: charge it. But no. Clicking NO just "disconnects" the iPod (basically make it off-line), and it no longer charges. Is it that difficult to let it charge?

iTunes program says that to share my music on another computer needs a CREDIT CARD (Home Share ... an iTunes store account is needed)

... and on and on.

For future reading -

Bottom line - all I want to do is put selected tracks from my CD collection (mostly classical) on my iPod. From the above event, I now see that I need to back these up on another computer. Looks like a BIG project, it should be easy.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ultra Slow HP Laptop Computer

Mystery as to why it runs at 72 MHz instead of advertised 2000 MHz.

If anybody has an answer, please post it!
HP model HSTNN-C31C
AKA Notebook 6910p

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Web page hosting nightmare by edhiker

1998 AOLPRESS HTML editor and Prodigy. All went away.
2002 Comcast - made 1000's of items on various pages, most with absolute URLs (stupid)
2007 Time Warner took over from Comcast, told me "Your existing web pages will be transferred in their entirety." = LIE. Time Warner's web space allotment and management so bad that it's not worth using.
2006 Try Google pages. Gone in 2010 - no FTP, single layer structure - got 500MB, was converted to GoogleSites in 2009.
2010 Try Google Sites , replacement for "pages", still no FTP and all pages are converted to JAVA. Local backup/edit options are TBD, see below.


To answer my own questions, I just tested "copy this site" and it does not update the copy when I make changes to the original site. And if I "copy this site" again, using the same URL as my previous copy, a message says "The site URL you have chosen is not allowed"

Why would Google want a hundred million copies of websites on their servers? Let us copy our sites to our own computers and we'd be happy.