Monday, May 17, 2010

NGC-MAX Cables

IMG_4694 NGC-MAX Cables
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No documentation found after a long search, so here are the cables. Eight leads break apart into two four leads (black cable, white cable is for computer connection)
Four wire dual cable, each is: Black = GND, Green = +5v , think source R = 10k
.. and "(serial port) by which external 9- 15 volts DC may be supplied.
This does not require the internal battery to be removed; the two supplies are in parallel with diodes to prevent back-circuits. It does not recharge the internal battery" 18-55mA
After the fact, noted what seems to be 8 pin RJ45 pin-out for the box: US Digital Encoder pinout (pg4) (from Micro-Guider)

MG5 RJ45 connector pin number
Function Name (and US Digital encoder pin number)
1 Declination GND (pin 1)
2 Declination ChA (pin 3)
3 Declination +5V (pin 4)
4 Declination ChB (pin 5)
5 Right Ascension GND (pin 1)
6 Right Ascension ChA (pin 3)
7 Right Ascension +5V (pin 4)
8 Right Ascension ChB (pin 5)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

HP Printer Problems and double talk.
Model C3100 will not print from computer or internal scanner.

Ordered #92 and #93 print cartridges, but also refiled the black one. Still no printing.

Now to the manual
(it's at )

Manual says: Print cartridge troubleshooting > If you are experiencing problems with printing,
... To print a self-test report
1. Press and hold Cancel on the control panel.
2. While holding Cancel, press Start Copy Color.
The self-test report prints, containing the serial number and service ID.

Before you call HP customer support ... Reset the HP All-in-One:
a. Turn off the HP All-in-One by pressing the On button.
b. Unplug the power cord from the back of the HP All-in-One.
c. Plug the power cord back into the HP All-in-One.
d. Turn on the HP All-in-One by pressing the On button

Is there some "micro-switch" that the power cord activates? If not, this is exactly what happens when I power down my office every day.


Now let me do this... printer not printing, so have it print out a self test report.
I discovered that to park heads, need to press ON button to turn printer off, then power down office - or you will wind up with dry ink cartridges.
Might this be the problem?
" Sometimes after you refill the print cartridge for your HP 92 printer, the printer refuses to detect the refill and keeps sending "ink low" messages. When that happens, you have to reset the fill level of the cartridge so the printer can recognize the new ink level and be able to print again. You can easily reset the fill level gauge and get your printer working again."

Follow the steps below to reset the Fill Level for a HP 92 Ink Cartridge :
  1. Take the cartridge out of the printer.
  2. Place a small piece of tape over the top left contact on the HP 92 cartridge.
  3. Insert the cartridge back into the printer.
  4. Print an alignment page and remove the cartridge as the page comes out.
  5. Place a small piece of tape over the top right contact on the cartridge.
  6. Print another alignment page and remove the cartridge again. Now remove both pieces of tape.
  7. Put the cartridge back into the printer. The HP 92 cartridge ink level will be reset.
  8. Last resort... " If you are still unable to reset the cartridges, using multiple cartridges is likely the only way to do it. ... the printer only retains the memory of two print cartridges.