Friday, October 22, 2010

Photoshop stack of 7 images taken at various times on the night of 10/9/10 - 10/10/10 with Canon T1i.

A movie was made from 105 frames taken during night of 10/10/10, is at
The bright yellow star, Miram (Eta Persei) shines at mag 3.76
The last part, with the dawn, is missing, as it runs > 1 1/2 minutes, Flickr limit - (slow frame rate)
I would like it to run for about 40 seconds, but see no way in MS Movie Maker to set this speed - anybody know how?

The best movie of the comet (B-W) is at

Two weeks after Comet Hartley has its close encounter with Earth, NASA will have a close encounter with the comet. The EPOXI spacecraft (formerly known as Deep Impact) is hurtling toward Comet Hartley now, and on Nov. 4th it will fly 435 miles from the comet's active icy nucleus. The encounter will mark only the fifth time in history that a spacecraft has been close enough to image a comet's core.
Been raining for a week, full moon today - maybe more comet about mid-week - Ed
Will try stacking on comet and stars, as DSS says:
"Comet and stars stacking : "star freeze effect"
The comet position is used.
A first stack is created to extract the comet from the background.
Then a second stack is created to freeze the star (the comet is subtracted from each calibrated and registered light frame before stacking it).
Last, the final image is obtained by inserting the comet back in the image."