Thursday, March 31, 2011

edhiker's photostream

OAG pickoff and relay assy on cameraTwo PHD autoguide instances in XP laptop - star with graphTwo autoguiders , testing on power poleWebCam set for long exposureWebCam set for short exposurePar-focalized off-axis guider and guide camera
Alex - eve to rememberAutoguided astro imaging setup using a webcamBig 12 day moonM3 globular cluster, cropM45 crop - Shack autoguider test Flowers near Mission Peak
Tree on Mission Peak HikeHike up grassSanta Clarita Park MapShack Autoguider on scopeShack Gigaware Webcam - exposure rangeWebcam driver has EXPOSURE control, read on...
Astrophoto setup with Shack AutoguiderRadioShack WebcamShack Webcam - lens screws offTaurus stars, eight minutesM51 with 102mm f5 , exposure 375 secondsM51,  8 min exposure from Los Angeles

LED lighting for a hotel, $430k , payback in 17 months.
How do they compute payback? Compact florescence is used now. Does duty cycle enter into the math?
48" tube = $50