Saturday, May 07, 2016

The World as observed by Ed

A good Nova program about telescopes is at: 
Hunting the Edge of Space In this two-hour special, NOVA examines how a simple instrument, the telescope, has fundamentally changed our understanding of our place in the universe. Starts with a long segment on Galileo. The lens shapes are not near correct, but that's movie-making.


After almost a year, had the chance to visit Stony Ridge Observatory (SRO). A few tweaks need to be made on the control system I installed June 2015, See
 To dig deeper, click on albums on that page.
The 30" scope is now controlled with Software Bisque SkyX program.
Good SkyX tutorial is  "Setting Up SkyX "

It is possible to watch two or three TV programs at once by using ... Really neat, I almost don't need my commercial killer invention, so easy to flip audio, unless I'm in other parts of the house.
This week my driveway tree leafed out, only 2/3's of it, so need to cut a big, tall portion. A new pole mounted chainsaw is purchased - see ad at:
Tree is at: 

New, just now, blog when viewed in a private browser, needed Google password. Changed Permissions to PUBLIC.

That's it for today  - edhiker